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We are a Tax Consultant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, providing the services with years of success and satisfied clients. Our services Include all kind of Taxation services, Corporate Services, NTN & Sales Registration, and Tax Assessment Cases. We provide our services in all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore Islamabad & Karachi

Looking For Help In Your Tax Matters ?

We are one of best tax consultant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi with more than 90% success rate with our satisfied clients, We have experienced team of experts and lawyers who are specialized in providing tax consultancy. If you are facing any issue related to paying taxes or tax assessment and want to consultant with any tax expert in Islamabad then Call Us Today

Our Services

  • NTN Registration
  • Tax Return Filing
  • Tax Assessment Cases
  • Sales Tax Registration
  • Business Advisory
  • Trademark Registration / IPO
  • PEC Registration
  • Internal Audit
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Company Corporation With SECP
  • Record Filing of Returns With SECP
  • Change in Company’s Shareholders
  • Shares Transfer
  • Registration For NGO’s, Partnerships
  • Policies Development

Tax Consultants in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

NTN Registration Service

NTN is necessary for every business to have these days and many people and companies need a consultant who can help them and look after their tax matters. If you are a company, individual, salaried person or sole proprietorship and want to register for NTN, we are here for you. We are providing NTN registration services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Tax Return Filing Services

Every company or individual need return filing of their tax either on every month or annually every year, which makes things clear to federal board of revenue about your business or firm, We are providing tax return filing services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, We are always aiming to make our clients satisfied with out tax return filing in Pakistan

Sales Tax Registration & Return Filing

Startech is providing sales tax return filing services and sales tax registration services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, get in touch with our team of experts to get a free consultation for sale tax matters of your firm.

Tax Assessment

Every company needs tax assessment when it comes to paying taxes in Pakistan, some of firms also receive tax assessment notice in case that they are doing any mistakes in paying taxes, if you have such kind of issue contact us today to get best consultation for your tax assessment case in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Company Registration

If you are starting a new business in Pakistan you will probably need company registration in Pakistan, we are providing services for SECP Company registration and we can also do registration For NGO’s or Partnerships and PEC Registration. If you are also looking for Record Filing of Returns With SECP, Get in touch to consult with our team of experts.

Internal Audit

Startech provides internal audit services for you in Islamabad & Rawalpindi with our expert lawyers and tax consultants, You can first consult free of cost with us and we can provide you the best services in terms of Internal Audit, If you have further queries kindly drop an email on [email protected] or call us at 03025866669

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